Wedding Ceremony In Ukrainian Church Of 18 Century

Wedding in Ukrainian Church of 18 Century
Ukrainian Canadian Bride and Groom

We were married in the Lviv’s Museum of Folk Architecture, in wooden church of 18 century. This is Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Divine Wisdom. When Ron and me met each other in August, 2006 in Lviv, we visited this museum. It was second day of our dating. And after our decision to get marriage we chose this Lviv’s Church, because this museum and church are very special for us. Ron’s ancestors from the Carpathian region, where this Church come from. Besides, we had a very good time in this museum when we met in 2006. The Priest Ihnatij (he gave us a marriage) said me a couple months before the ceremony, “Of course, I will give you a marriage. But do you really want to go here from Ternopil and to spend two and half hours by bus just for one way from Ternopil to Lviv? Besides, do you know that sometimes we have troubles with electricity inside of Church, so, if a light is randomly gone, what your cameraman is going to do?”. “Dear Father, I don’t think that Ronnie’s grandparents had an electricity in a similar Church, when they got marriage in 19 century in Ukraine. I just want to say that my fiance and I wish to touch a little bit to an atmosphere of these old times, to feel a romanticism of these times, and to give these romantic feelings to our guests”, I explained. “OK, so say to your cameraman to bring an additional light for taking video. And God bless you!”, the Pastor answered.
Well, we had enough of light in our souls, in the day of our wedding. But cameraman took a light for taking video, of course. Just weather in August, 4 was not very light, it was a rain almost all the day. It is not bad, because due to Ukrainian traditions, if bride and groom have a rain in their wedding day, they will have a rich life together. “The rain at the wedding it is a sign of money”, Ukrainians says. Well, we hope so :) !