In The Ukrainian House Of 19 Century

In the Ukrainian house of XIX century

August, 2006, our meeting in Lviv and visit Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture

Mariya Ron Ukrainian Canadian Wedding

August, 2007, our wedding in Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture

This happy family met each other online

Hi, this is Maria again. Today I continue to tell you about our wedding in Ukraine. So, Ronnie and I met each other for the first time in August, 2006, in Lviv (the biggest city of the West Ukraine). We were visiting many nice places of the medieval Lviv, but the most impressed for us was a visit to the Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture. It is big museum outdoor, and many of old West Ukrainian houses of 16-19 centuries are representing there. There are wooden and clay’s houses mostly, also two wooden churches. These houses and churches brought from the three West Ukrainian states (Ternopil, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk). Inside of these houses you can see an interior, kitchenware and clothes from the old times. All these attributes showing a lifestyle of the people in West Ukrainian villages in last centuries.
We took pictures of us in old Ukrainian wear inside of one of these houses. And after a year we back to this “our” house again, but already married. After the ceremony in the Church of Wisdom Divine we and our guests went to this house to have a little reception. We had some champagne and appetizers, and, of course, we took a pictures of us again. It was so excited to be there again, but already as a married couple!