A Magic Window Helps To Get Married

What helps to get married
Ron and Maria, the second day we met,
August, 2006

How to get married quickly

Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture,
August, 2007

Ronnie and I met each other for the first time in Lviv, the biggest city of the West Ukraine. It was August 2006. We enjoyed a beauty of medieval Lviv for two amazing days. On a second day we have visited a Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture. Inside of the one of old Ukrainian houses in the museum we met Lyudmyla. She is a very good woman and worker of this museum. We asked her to take pictures of us in traditional Ukrainian clothes. Lyudmyla has explained to us how to wear Ukrainian outfits properly. Then she said, “Maria, please tell your husband to stay with you in this window, I will take a nice pictures of you”. I smiled, “He is not my husband, we just met each other yesterday”- “But you will be a husband and wife, I see it”, Lyudmyla smiled too.
Well, in one year Ronnie and I back to the same Museum, to the same house and to the same window to say Lyudmyla that we are really married! More than that, we were married in the Church of this Museum! Lyudmyla was so excited and she said, “You see, I was right!” And she said to our guests, “OK, single guys and girls, everybody take picture in this Magic Window! Everybody will get married after!” Of course, she was joking, but who knows?
Oh, also I forgot to say that this our special picture in the “Magic Window” we have used for our wedding invitations. And after the wedding reception with Lyudmyla in her “Magic House” we took a picture of us in “Magic Window” again. It was so interesting to look at ourselves after year, the more so, year ago in this window we were a single people, and now we are married! So, who will be next marriage couple after taking picture in the Magic Window?
P.S. But before the taking picture in the Magic Window in Lviv, Ronnie and I find each other online, through this website. This is really good dating source! I can tell it from our experience and experience of our friends as well.

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