A Magic Window Helps To Get Married

What helps to get married
Ron and Maria, the second day we met,
August, 2006

How to get married quickly

Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture,
August, 2007

Ronnie and I met each other for the first time in Lviv, the biggest city of the West Ukraine. It was August 2006. We enjoyed a beauty of medieval Lviv for two amazing days. On a second day we have visited a Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture. Inside of the one of old Ukrainian houses in the museum we met Lyudmyla. She is a very good woman and worker of this museum. We asked her to take pictures of us in traditional Ukrainian clothes. Lyudmyla has explained to us how to wear Ukrainian outfits properly. Then she said, “Maria, please tell your husband to stay with you in this window, I will take a nice pictures of you”. I smiled, “He is not my husband, we just met each other yesterday”- “But you will be a husband and wife, I see it”, Lyudmyla smiled too.
Well, in one year Ronnie and I back to the same Museum, to the same house and to the same window to say Lyudmyla that we are really married! More than that, we were married in the Church of this Museum! Lyudmyla was so excited and she said, “You see, I was right!” And she said to our guests, “OK, single guys and girls, everybody take picture in this Magic Window! Everybody will get married after!” Of course, she was joking, but who knows?
Oh, also I forgot to say that this our special picture in the “Magic Window” we have used for our wedding invitations. And after the wedding reception with Lyudmyla in her “Magic House” we took a picture of us in “Magic Window” again. It was so interesting to look at ourselves after year, the more so, year ago in this window we were a single people, and now we are married! So, who will be next marriage couple after taking picture in the Magic Window?
P.S. But before the taking picture in the Magic Window in Lviv, Ronnie and I find each other online, through this website. This is really good dating source! I can tell it from our experience and experience of our friends as well.

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Maria And Ron's Wedding In West Ukraine

Wedding in Ukraine
Wedding in the Western Ukraine
Korovay the Traditional Ukrainian Wedding Bread
The Veseli Halychany Musicians (Western Ukraine)
The Veseli Halychany Folk Band (Ternopil city, West Ukraine)

Finally! We did it! We got married August 4, 2007 in the West Ukraine. The Church ceremony of our marriage took place in Lviv Greek-Catholic Church of Divine Wisdom. This wooden Church was built in 18 century.
After Lviv we went to Ternopil state, where we had a wedding reception in the Sadyba restaurant. The Sadyba restaurant has a very good location, just 20 minutes driving from Ternopil. We had a sooo big amount of wedding meal! (Ukrainian tradition!) And also we had the best traditional musicians of Ternopil, the Veseli Halychany band. They are professional musicians, they have in the band a two Honour Artists of Ukraine.
Our wedding finished about 4.00 a.m., and everybody had a big fun! Oh, I forgot to say that almost all the guests on our wedding were in traditional Ukrainian clothes. It is not typical for the many Ukrainian weddings now, we can to say that we were untypical with our wedding costumes. But all the our friend and relatives said, "We are never was on SUCH A BEAUTIFUL wedding!". OK, we are promise to tell you more about this WEDDING OF YEAR in Ternopil in our future posts.
Now you can see some video from the our wedding. The Veseli Halychany playing, guests are dancing

Ukrainian dance Polka

Musical Fun with Pipe

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Ukrainian Outfits at Our Wedding

Ukrainian Wedding Bride Groom Bridesmaid Groomsman

Bridesmaid Ira (Ternopil), bride Maria and groom Ron, groomsman Mykhajlo (Lviv)

Ukraine wedding

Mila Strotsen and Ron

Two happy couples met each other online

Olya Chorna and her fiance Jim with bride and groom

Ukrainian woman is wearing Borshchiv embroidery

Halya Vandzelayk

Ukrainian girl is going to the wedding

Olya Sagal

West Ukraine, Wedding

Hi there, I am Maria, I am happy to speak with you again. Today I would like to tell you about special wear on our wedding. I say “special” because modern Ukrainian wedding absolutely don’t look like ours. Usually on the modern Ukrainian wedding bride and groom are wearing the same like in all the world, it is white dress and bridal veil for bride and black costume with white shirt for groom. But Ronnie and I decided to have a wedding in Ukrainian folk style and to have a costumes like our parents and grandparents had. Also in our wedding invitations we noticed about desirable dress-code for all the guests, it was traditional Ukrainian wear or elements of such wear.
Well, well, well! If we knew what will happened next! And happened such thing that many our guests were dressed even more gorgeous than bride and groom! I even was kidding to the Ron, “Are you really sure who is your bride, looking at these beautiful woman and girls?”.
But speaking at all, it was VERY pleasant to us to see a bunch so nice and bright people on our wedding. And it was some magic code and good sign for us, that almost everybody on the our wedding was wearing in traditional Ukrainian clothes. Because embroidered Ukrainian shirt for Ukrainians it is more than wear. It is symbol of unity with all the nation, and symbol of Ukrainian soul, like Ukrainian language and Ukrainian song.
Oh, it was so excited to choice a wedding costumes for us! I was looking for the wear for Ronnie and for me on the all Ukrainian souvenir markets of Lviv and Ternopil, and finally I have found it! I bought almost all components for the our costumes on the Vernisazh Souvenir Market in Lviv. Especially I am proud of my embroidered long shirt. When my friend, ethnographer Mila Strotsen looked at this shirt, she said, it was made about 80 years ago. We discovered that shirt have no any machine stitch! All the manual work! The fabric for shirt is from flax, and embroidery threads are woolen. They didn’t loss a сolor even through 80 years!
Also I forgot to say that my shirt made in the Kitsman town (Bukovyna region). This region located on the south from Ternopil state. And I am especially proud that my wedding shirt was made in the Kitsman, on the motherland of very talented and famous Ukrainian composer Volodymyr Ivasyuk, the symbol of Ukrainian pop music culture.
Another important component of my wedding wear it was special woolen skirt of two parts, Ukrainian name Plakhta. My wedding bouquet was made with elements of tradition Ukrainian style too. It was very tender pink roses, another flowers and herbs inherent in Ukraine, and even apples. My bouquet and other wedding decorations (reception’s hall in the restaurant, wedding bus) was made by Khrystyna Korolyuk , very talented florist and designer from Ternopil. By the way, Khrystyna got married a week before the our wedding, and she had a wedding in Ukrainian style too.
OK, now about groom’s costumes. Ronnie’s wedding shirt I purchased on the Lviv’s Vernisazh Souvenir Market too. The shirt of my husband was embroidered in this year (not so “old” like mine), but it was made in the one style with my shirt. Ron’s Ukrainian shirt was made from the flax’s fabric too, and it embroidered by woolen threads. Also Ron had a trousers of sand color from the flax’s fabric and special Ukrainian woolen belt over the shirt.
Oh! I have to say about important Ukrainian tradition! In the old time every bride had to embroider a wedding shirts for herself and for her groom. Now rare girl to make it, almost all the brides prefer to buy a shirts to the grooms.
Actually, embroidered shirt is a main element of traditional Ukrainian clothes, it making a 90% of beauty of all the costume. Therefore Ronnie and I was keeping a big attention on the shirt in choice of our wedding wear. By the way, our guests too. For example, I was kidding that Strotsen family (Mila, her husband Bohdan and their children Maxim and Katya) bought up a half of Ternopil’s souvenir market. Yes, they are purchased their embroidered shirts and belts especially for our wedding.
And Vira Matkovska, very famous Ternopil’s collector of West Ukrainian embroidery, picked up a great embroidered shirts to three my friends, Olya Chorna, Halya Vandzelyak and Anna Nikolajchuk.
Especially I would like to say about Olya Chorna. She is my best friend already almost 20 years. And Ronnie and I were very happy to see on our wedding not just Olya, but also her fiance Jim from Iowa (USA). Olya and Jim will have a wedding in August, 2008 and their wed will be in Ukrainian style too! Jim said, that he already studies a marriage promise by Ukrainian (my Ronnie said his promise by English). So we were very happy that Jim had changed his plans and arrived to our wedding, because before the our invitation he had an intentions to visit Ukraine later, in September, 2007. But he changed his decision for the one night! During the night he booked a flight to Ukraine and hotel in Ternopil, and he answered, “Of course, I will come”. Thank you so much, Jim! Also Olya bought him a Ukrainian shirt for the our wedding too. Now they are thinking about choice of their wedding costumes. (Still I forgot to say a one important thing. Our friends Olya and Jim met through Elenas Models (like Ron and I did), and I am very happy I helped to Olya and Jim to find each other).
My bridesmaid Ira from Ternopil (she is a daughter of Olya Chorna) purchased a Ukrainian shirt especially for our wedding, also she got a modern skirt in the one style with shirt. Ronnie’s groomsman Mykhajlo from Lviv (he is boyfriend of bridesmaid) had an embroidered shirt, and both of them, bridesmaid and best man, had a wonderful old Ukrainian belts, almost 100 years old!
All the our guests said, that it was SO GOOD idea to wear Ukrainian clothes, and these beautiful costumes was making a really GREAT atmosphere on the wedding!

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Our Liverpool's Friends Are Wearing Embroidery From Ukraine

Family in Ukrainian outfit (liverpool, England)

Whole family (Bill, Tanya, Lilya) in Ukrainian wear. August, 4, 2007

Family wears Ukrainian embroidery (Liverpool, England)

Tanya and Bill

Ukrainian-British Couple: Met Online, Happily Married

We invited to our wedding very good friends of ours from Liverpool, England (Bill, his wife Tanya and their daughter Lilya). And although they couldn’t come to the Ukraine, their hearts were with us in that day! Before the wedding our Liverpool’s friends sent to us a many wedding gifts, besides,Tanya, Bill and Lilya decided to support our wedding in very touching way. So, August, 4, 2007, in the day of our wedding, they were wearing in Ukrainian costumes. All the day Tanya, Bill and Lilya spent in Ukrainian embroidery. Of course, they took some pictures and sent to us. It was the most incredible wedding gift we got from them!
I am very happy for our Liverpool friends, because several years ago I helped them to meet each other online.

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Wedding Ceremony In Ukrainian Church Of 18 Century

Wedding in Ukrainian Church of 18 Century
Ukrainian Canadian Bride and Groom

We were married in the Lviv’s Museum of Folk Architecture, in wooden church of 18 century. This is Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Divine Wisdom. When Ron and me met each other in August, 2006 in Lviv, we visited this museum. It was second day of our dating. And after our decision to get marriage we chose this Lviv’s Church, because this museum and church are very special for us. Ron’s ancestors from the Carpathian region, where this Church come from. Besides, we had a very good time in this museum when we met in 2006. The Priest Ihnatij (he gave us a marriage) said me a couple months before the ceremony, “Of course, I will give you a marriage. But do you really want to go here from Ternopil and to spend two and half hours by bus just for one way from Ternopil to Lviv? Besides, do you know that sometimes we have troubles with electricity inside of Church, so, if a light is randomly gone, what your cameraman is going to do?”. “Dear Father, I don’t think that Ronnie’s grandparents had an electricity in a similar Church, when they got marriage in 19 century in Ukraine. I just want to say that my fiance and I wish to touch a little bit to an atmosphere of these old times, to feel a romanticism of these times, and to give these romantic feelings to our guests”, I explained. “OK, so say to your cameraman to bring an additional light for taking video. And God bless you!”, the Pastor answered.
Well, we had enough of light in our souls, in the day of our wedding. But cameraman took a light for taking video, of course. Just weather in August, 4 was not very light, it was a rain almost all the day. It is not bad, because due to Ukrainian traditions, if bride and groom have a rain in their wedding day, they will have a rich life together. “The rain at the wedding it is a sign of money”, Ukrainians says. Well, we hope so :) !

In The Ukrainian House Of 19 Century

In the Ukrainian house of XIX century

August, 2006, our meeting in Lviv and visit Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture

Mariya Ron Ukrainian Canadian Wedding

August, 2007, our wedding in Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture

This happy family met each other online

Hi, this is Maria again. Today I continue to tell you about our wedding in Ukraine. So, Ronnie and I met each other for the first time in August, 2006, in Lviv (the biggest city of the West Ukraine). We were visiting many nice places of the medieval Lviv, but the most impressed for us was a visit to the Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture. It is big museum outdoor, and many of old West Ukrainian houses of 16-19 centuries are representing there. There are wooden and clay’s houses mostly, also two wooden churches. These houses and churches brought from the three West Ukrainian states (Ternopil, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk). Inside of these houses you can see an interior, kitchenware and clothes from the old times. All these attributes showing a lifestyle of the people in West Ukrainian villages in last centuries.
We took pictures of us in old Ukrainian wear inside of one of these houses. And after a year we back to this “our” house again, but already married. After the ceremony in the Church of Wisdom Divine we and our guests went to this house to have a little reception. We had some champagne and appetizers, and, of course, we took a pictures of us again. It was so excited to be there again, but already as a married couple!